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Australiana Autumn Marketing Campaign – 2023

The campaign will focus on autumn experiences that complement the Bendigo region’s strong leading cultural and heritage brand that has been built over many years. Highlights include the Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle from Melbourne Opera, Kaleidoscope by Keith Courtney, Bendigo Craft Beer and Cider Festival, the Australiana: Designing a Nation exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery, Castlemaine State Festival and food and wine events that highlight the UNESCO City of Gastronomy.

As locals, we know that Autumn is an absolutely glorious time to be in Bendigo. The city comes alive with the changing colours of the Autumn leaves. Visitors are drawn to our magnificent gardens, chockablock events calendar and interesting things to see and do. We are looking for events and experiences to develop for the Australiana Theme.


  • Collaborate with the local tourism industry and COGB departments to create a program of compelling experiences to encourage longer length of stay
  • Increase night time experiences and activations to encourage visitors to stay overnight
  • Continue to build awareness of Bendigo’s UNESCO City of Gastronomy brand
  • Market Bendigo and Heathcote’s Major events to brand and attract visitation


Be a part of our campaign by developing themed experiences and events over the spring months:

  • Base your activity on the autumn categories
  • Ensure that you are using local produce and beverages from our region
  • Have a think of who you could partner with to create a new experience
  • Sell event tickets, tours and packages through the Bendigo and Heathcote Visitor Centre’s via www.bendigotourism.com and www.heathcote.org.au


Program inclusion is complementary for the campaign. The commitment we are looking for is for businesses to develop fantastic events and experiences for the program that will encourage people to visit our region in Spring. Please note that accommodation packages will be managed in conjunction with the Visitor Centre. Commissions apply.





3 March 2023 to meet the deadline to be included for photo and video shoots.

9 March 2023 to meet the online program deadline and be included part of our media launch on Tuesday 14 March (TBC).

Online events/experiences can be added throughout the campaign period.

For discussion around ideas for events and experiences, and to register your business contact:

Laura Tangey on 0427 935 708 or [email protected]

For accommodation packages please contact:

Karly Elvey on 54346060 or [email protected] (work days are Sun – Wed).