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Bendigo NEXT

Bendigo NEXT

Bendigo NEXT is an annual tourism conference brought to you by the Bendigo Tourism Board in collaboration with the City of Greater Bendigo. The conference provides an opportunity for businesses to hear insights and practical advice from tourism leaders across the country.

NEXT stands for Networking, Emerging trends, eXperiences & Technology, and is about helping our region be on the forefront of tourism.

The event also contains opportunities for networking with other businesses to build connections and collaborations.

Bendigo Next Conference 2023: Monday 6th November, Capital theatre Bendigo.

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Previous conferences

Download the Bendigo NEXT 2020 program for more information about the presenters.

Download the Bendigo NEXT 2019 program for more information about the presenters.

If you would like more information please contact Diantha Vess on 03 5434 6280 or [email protected]