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Bendigo and the region has been recognised by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a City of Gastronomy, joining 245 other creative cities around the world. The designation recognises our region’s diverse food culture and our community’s commitment to local, sustainable, delicious and creative produce.

For more information about how Bendigo became Australia’s first UNESCO City & Region of Gastronomy visit the official Bendigo Gastronomy website or refer to this Frequently Asked Questions sheet.

What does this mean for tourism?

Who doesn’t love good food and beverages? A reputation for tastiness is a draw card for visitors. Bendigo is the first UNESCO Creative City and Region of Gastronomy in Australia, and this designation provides a great opportunity for branding and product development. Our restaurants and cafes, producers, wineries, breweries and farmers markets can all benefit from this internationally renowned title.

Four pillars of gastronomy

Our application for the UNESCO designation was built upon four pillars. These are the areas where we are showing leadership and will continue to focus on developing.

  • Creativity, innovation and diversity
  • First Nations heritage and living culture
  • Sustainability
  • Health and well-being

Case studies

Here are some UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy that are building a tourism brand around their food and beverage scenes.

Macao, China. Visit gastronomy website.

Macao seamlessly integrates the theme of gastronomy into their arts, culture and heritage brand strengths, presenting as a sophisticated and exciting city.

Tucson, United States. Visit gastronomy website.

Tucson takes an approach that highlights authenticity, with the spotlight on street food, local bars and casual dining.