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Hear from our staff and industry about collaborating on the Tudors to Windsors campaign in 2019

What sorts of destination campaigns does Bendigo run?

The Tourism Marketing Unit runs four seasonal campaigns each year, and we work with the tourism industry to find, encourage and develop new, innovative and on-brand products. See our current and recent campaigns. These campaigns centre around major events, seasonal experiences, and brand strengths. We also partner with the Bendigo Art Gallery to leverage major exhibitions into major destination campaigns, encouraging visitors to visit the gallery and stay in our region to enjoy a range of experiences.

How do I get involved?

To market Bendigo as a destination it’s important that we stay true to our brand and iconic attractions whilst also sharing new reasons for people to visit. We are always looking for new content to share such as experiences, events, packages and businesses. Find out more about Bendigo’s Destination Brand and this handy guide to Creating Experiences.

Depending on the scale and budget of a campaign it might be free to get involved for suitable content. It we are leveraging a major exhibition or event, we will engage in a cooperative marketing campaign with the industry. This means that we create a buy-in opportunity for businesses to support and feature in additional print, film and social media marketing around the exhibition and destination to drive increased visitation to our region.

  1. Head to the campaign page and read the campaign prospectus – find out more about the campaign and if it’s suited to your business
  2. Think about an experience, event or package that you could highlight or create that is in line with Bendigo’s brand and the campaign’s feel
  3. Contact our team to discuss your idea

Past examples

Tudors to Windsors Marketing Prospectus

Tudors to Windsors Official Campaign Brochure

View the promotional videos created for the Tudors to Windsors exhibition and our destination