The Board of Bendigo Tourism Inc allocates a limited amount of its funds each year to assist the generation of new, creative and innovative projects.

Considered projects are those which demonstrate new and unique innovation to our regional industry, are aimed to increase visitation to the region or the length of stay by tourists, the potential to improve the return on investment for members of Bendigo Tourism and enhance Bendigo Region’s notoriety and reputation as a tourist destination.

The Board reserves the right to accept or reject applications for these small grants of up to $5,000, depending on the synergy with the objectives of the grant program, current Government and Board policies and the amount of funds available.

The Board will assess applications on a monthly basis and in cases where the fund has been expended in any financial year, the application may be held over for consideration in the following year.

The Bendigo Tourism Board will evaluate each project’s eligibility based on the items listed within the grant criteria noted on the application form and whilst any organisation or individual may be successful in receiving grant support, preference will be given to proposals from Bendigo Tourism Members.

The second round of applications for the Tourism Grants Program opens on Friday 1 September 2017.

These Grants are aimed at assisting groups or businesses looking to introduce innovative projects which have the potential to increase visitation to the Bendigo Region.

“The Bendigo Tourism board recognises that we must encourage small businesses and groups who are looking to introduce innovative tourism projects by offering them financial support to get these initiatives off the ground,” said Kathie Bolitho, Chairperson of the Bendigo Tourism Board.

“There are many people in Bendigo who have great ideas which will increase Bendigo’s profile as a vibrant tourism destination, however they need a helping hand to turn these ideas into reality … our hope is that this grant will give them the nudge that they need,” explained Kathie.

The grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded to applicants whose projects demonstrate innovation and potential to attract visitors to the city with particular attention being paid to those that encourage visitors to stay the night.

Whilst Bendigo Tourism members will be given preference when awarding funding, non-members are encouraged to apply if they think they have a project that fits the bill.

People who are interested in applying for a grant can fill out the application form below.

Applications close on 31 October 2017 with successful applicants being announced in early December.

Read about the previous successful applicants here.

Download Application Form

Bendigo Tourism Board Grant Application

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